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Mustafa Danguir mostly known for his artistic name Mustafa Danger was born in Morocco Tangier, leader and creator of the Danguir Highwire Troupe.As a child he dreamed to be a circus artist.He was eleven years old and his training started at the beach in Morocco, where jumping and somersaulting in the beach is a kids’ sport It was there where he was discovered by the late Father Silva, who offered him an scholarship and invited him to come to school at the Circo de los Muchachos in Spain.At the Circo Mustafa was attracted to the wire act.After he graduated from the Circo de Los Muchachos School,” Mustafa, began to work for circuses in Europe like Krone, in Theatres, participate in circus Festivals. From 1996 to 1998, Mustafa performed the world-famous seven-man-pyramid act with the Guerrero troupe at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.He learned how the group worked, put together his own troupe and built his own act The Danguir Highwire act,the most courageous and energetic highwire act you’ve ever seen,performing gravity-defying feats that are literally designed from the ground up.Showcases astounding balance ,dancing,leaping,performing a walking pyramid,and jumping from shoulder to shoulder at 35 feet above the circus ring-all without any safety cables!Mustafa Danguir performs a leap over four people on the high wire -adding to the troupe’s repertoire of the world’s most difficult and dangerous maneuvers.
Mustafa holds many high-wire world records. He crossed the Santiago Bernabéu soccer stadium in Madrid, Spain. He kicked off a high-wire bike tour in Benidorm, Spain, that started from the top of the Gran Hotel Bali Benidorm and ended at the top of the Church of St. James, a distance of one mile and more than 540 feet in the air. He also crossed a distance of 1,150 feet between two mountains in New York and has crossed Alexanderplatz, the large city plaza in Berlin, Germany.Mustafa’s dream is to cross the Seven Wonders of the World on the high wire.